‘About the Author’

Below is an extract from ‘About the Author’ section of Sina’s book “Understanding Muhammad”, the second edition only.

“He left Iran before the Islamic Revolution in his mid-teens to continue his higher studies in Europe where he learned about freedom of thought and democracy.”

It to an extent contradicts Sina’s claim that around this time he studied at Pakistan. Accurately mid-teen would refer to the age sixteen. But here the reference of ‘Higher Education’ could imply eighteen. The ‘about the author’ section appears to be self-written in the third voice and there is nothing to suggest otherwise, especially given the budget level of this book.

Sina has adopted a Pseudonym and chosen to remain anonymous and keep many details about him suppressed. It almost certain Ali Sina is neither his current name or his former name. Therefore, his biography to seems to be an ever changing scene.

Another extract from this section:

“After reading the Qur’an, I was in shock,” says Ali Sina. “I was shocked to see the violence, hate, inaccuracies, scientific errors, mathematical mistakes, logical absurdities, grammatical solecisms and dubious ethical pronouncements in the book of God.

This creates a false impression that Sina is able to understand Classical Arabic. As far as I have been able to ascertain, he does not understand the language. In particular, his claim of “grammatical solecisms” begins to lose its worth.


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