Beginning at an Acknowledgment

“Unfortunately I can’t name them. This would most likely put their lives in peril and I also do not know their real names. Even though they remain anonymous, I am immensely indebted to them.”

The above extract is from the ‘acknowledgement’ section of his book. Consider for a minute the logic of it. He would like to thank his anonymous helpers, whose actual names he does not know, but still fears that by revealing mere pseudonyms will somehow put their lives in danger. A rather absurd proposition to assert.

Perhaps a trivial point to highlight but it has its merit as it shows his mindset which is eager to demonise Muslims and Islam. Muslims, violence, death threats and etcetera bring to mind an all too familiar an image. Yes, it is possible that some Muslims would threaten Sina and his helpers but this is not what is being challenged. It is the fallacy that by revealing invented names of anonymous people would somehow put them in peril.

The motivation behind Sina’s sacrifice of his rationality is the result of giving in to dark emotions namely one of deep hatred. To him it is more important to vilify Islam and Muslims than to be rational, precise and honest. Unfortunately for him over this simple matter he tripped himself.

More evidence of this will follow.


I have come across yet another version of the same book. It seems to be an earlier version but there is no date or edition number unlike the previous two versions I have. Its “acknowledgement” section is:

I owe thanks to many people who helped me write this book. They corrected my English and provided valuable criticism. Unfortunately I can’t name them. That is because I do not know their real names. Even though they remain anonymous, I am immensely indebted to them.

It seems Sina’s claim that the life of these anonymous helpers would be in peril if he revealed their name is an after thought. Inserted for propaganda purposes.

28th December 2012

Sina’s book ‘Understanding Muhammad’ is a badly written and thought out and this will be proven comprehensively in coming posts. I have already exposed the beginning of his book in the comment sections of his blog here. Although brief, these initial exchanges still reveal a lot about his ability, methodology and mindset.


One thought on “Beginning at an Acknowledgment

  1. Sina supports Zionists, and he admits that he is one. I believe that he is an Iranian, but I never believed that he was an ex-Muslim. He could be a Christian or more likely a Jew. His both sites are full of lies, so I don’t see why he doesn’t lie in the matter of his religion.
    Hence, it is normal that he hates Muslims and Islam. The most disgusting thing about him is
    his lies, also his cowardice. If one day he gets revealed, I will never be surprised if he is found to be a con and a scammer.
    This is my opinion about him, although I have no religion.

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