A challange to a debate

It appears that there is some newsworthy development. Read Sina’s reply to me in comment section of his blog site.

"Wow! That is great Amin Riadh. To encourage you to continue with your anti me blog I offer to have a debate with you once you have at least ten articles."

His debates are perhaps his only claim to some fame. I attest the authenticity of his debate with a ‘Maulana Ajmal Qadri’ because they appear to be written by a Western teenager. So far, he has been unable to come up with a reasonable explanation as to why Ajmal Qadri is the writer of those alleged emails written so poorly. Sina seeks fame and some kind of “credibility” through these debates – which otherwise he seems to be desperately lacking. This is why I did not want to create a site which does nothing more than feed his darkness.

Once previously Sina challenged me, in a throwaway comment, to a debate regarding Quran after I exposed his hocus pocus about a Quranic verse. And then there was some hoo-ha over his book – which he claims Muslims are unable to read and stay Muslim and they often claim to have read but they lie about it! However this challenge does appear to have some weight behind it.

One interesting thing. He is as dogmatic as me, read:

“It’s truth that will set us free. If I am not telling the truth, prove me wrong.

You can’t prove me wrong. ”

Read more here.

Whatever will happen will happen. Today is Saturday, 23rd December 2012. And to be touch over dramatic, it could yet prove to be a day of days. . .


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