The story of Shakila Khan

This post is refutation of the above post from I claim this story to be fraud – as to the involvement of Sina – of that I am not sure.

A person calling herself Shakila Khan claims she is an ex-Muslim and below is her email to Ali Sina.

I really do not know how or where to start but the fact is that I am really and truly confused with regards to my identity.. I have been born and bred in a typical Sunni Muslim household.. I have always considered myself a very moderate Muslim or rather a liberal one.. I have had boyfriends and relationships.. I have tons of Non Muslim friends who I adore and trust much more than their Muslim counterparts. I have never ever discriminated anyone based on their religious background. I treat people on the basis of their nature and their moral character rather than on their religious beliefs. I do not have any prejudice for any religion, NO actually that is not true.. I do hate those so called Muslim fundamentalists who kill innnocent people in the name of God.. Ever since 9/11, I have been having some doubts but I was too cowards to face them or even acknowledge them until recently when I came accross Daniel Pipes and thru him, I came to know about you..I am really confused and going thru an identity crisis.. Pleas help me..

Subsequently, Shakila started the following blog:


However, when her story was questioned – interesting holes began to emerge in her story.

  • She claimed to be about 35, of Pakistani parentage, but has lived in Dubai since the age of ten. However, when asked to communicate in Arabic, or in a Pakistani language, she remained unresponsive.
  • As to her meticulous use of American English, she claimed it was due to TV influence. Although she could account for her lack of any knowledge of the Arabic language. If her language style used in the blog and the above email are compared, then it is quite noticeable that the language styles are very different.
  • When her alleged association with Robert Spencer was questioned, then she claimed that he was good friend. Furthermore, someone called “bob” updated her blog from America and not she, herself.

As of Tuesday, January 22, 2013 – this blog is no longer being updated. This remains quiet an interesting little mystery. . .


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