The ‘Blog Title’ and the ‘Tag Line’ are self-explanatory as to the nature of this site. The intention is to expose the fabrications, deception of the perosn calling themselves Ali Sina. He has two sites main namely Faith Freedom International and his intended personal blog alisina.org.

In particular the purpose is to answer this:

If you are a Muslim, I invite you to read my book, Understanding Muhammad. If you don’t want to buy it, ask me and I will email you the previous edition of it. It is not as complete as the latest edition, yet it makes the point. Read it and prove me wrong. If you can prove me wrong, I will pay you $50,000 and will acknowledge my defeat publicly. If you can’t prove me wrong, leave this hatred and join the rest of humanity as a fellow human

I know this is giving some undeserved publicity to a hate-monger but this cannot be helped. I am not naive enough not to believe this hyperbole:

“If you can prove me wrong, I will pay you $50,000 and will acknowledge my defeat publicly.”

This is not going to happen, period. Imagine, hypothetically, that this book is proven beyond doubt to be false… he is not going to fulfil the above. In this world, where there are some that in all sincerity believe the British Monarchy to be shape shifting reptilians, Sina is never going to acknowledge his defeat. The above is simply rhetoric, the like of which he often spouts in an effort elevate this poor book.

The book itself, called ‘Understanding Muhammad’, is a self-published book. At first somewhat rather surprising that in this atmosphere of being openly anti-Islam, this is a self-published book. So why an answer? Why devote so much time to this…

Well there are several reasons:

1. There is growing anti-Islam and Muslim sentiment and this person is among the most vicious and vile. An environment for such cancer to grow.
2. Someone has to oppose such growing ‘hate-mongering’ as kept unchecked it will accumulate even more undeserved merit.
3. A barrier for any negative effect on Muslims
4. If such lies are not exposed they will be believed as the truth.

He will always have supporters as those that are vehemently against Islam and Muslims tend to congregate around this darkness. I simply hope that this effort is a good, comprehensive and unavoidable answer for Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

About ‘Exposing Sina’

This site is primarily written and started by Amin Riadh – a life-long linguistics student, whose speciality includes Arabic language and Usul al-Fiqh. Useful contributions and reviews are made by several people.


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